Every Rifle trip is different for our guests but here’s a look at how you might spend your day:

First, meet us in Glenwood Springs, in Rifle Mountain Park or wherever is most convenient for you. We like to start our climbing day at 9 AM in Rifle although that is flexible based on your schedule.

The Sno Cone Wall
The Sno Cone Wall with a climber on Straight Man, a popular 5.9/10a.

The Sno Cone Wall is our favorite destination for both first-time climbers and experienced climbers. It features about 20 climbs from 5.6 to 5.12 and is sheltered from rain and bad weather on all but the worst days. Our guests love climbing Doctor’s Orders (5.6) and Straight Man (5.9/10a).

Depending on the length of trip, we may spend all of our time at the Sno Cone or we may move on to any number of the other 400+ climbs in Rifle. Rachel’s Routes (5.7) and Do the Mashed Potato (5.7) are also popular routes that guests love.

Rappelling from the top of the canyon in Rifle Mountain Park.
Rappelling from the top of the canyon in Rifle Mountain Park.

You get to help dictate the pace of your day and the objectives. Hence, some of our guests opt to spend part of their time hiking to the top of Rifle Canyon and completing a 150 foot rappel from the canyon rim.  The views from the top of the canyon are typically only seen by birds roaming the skies. It’s a spectacular sight!


At the end of your climbing  day many of our guests choose to have a picnic in Rifle Mountain Park, hike the Three Forks Trail, or check out the Ice Caves in the park. The Ice Caves are a popular and quick attraction, typically holding ice well into June and sometimes into early July and they are always cool (no pun intended!).

Just down the road from Rifle Mountain Park, people love checking out the state trout hatchery where 40% of the state’s trout, or about 5 million a year, are hatched. Bring some quarters to get some fish food and watch the fish go crazy. A couple miles away lie the entrance to Rifle Falls State Park. The park features some spectacular waterfalls a short walk from the parking lot. If you have the time and energy you can check out the numerous caves in the park or take a longer hike.

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