Intro Ice Climbing – Honing the Basics

Winter 2022/23 Course Dates:

December 17 & 18

January 28 & 29

Learn the basic of ice climbing from experienced and qualified instructors. In this course you’ll get instruction:

  • Proper use and fitting of gear
  • Tying in and belaying
  • Belaying considerations for ice climbing
  • Ice climbing technique including detailed instruction on footwork, use of crampons, swinging ice tools, body positioning, movement, evaluating ice, and tips for efficiency.
  • An introduction to the use of ice screws and anchors.
  • Personal coaching and instruction throughout to help you hone the basics and to set you up for success so you and progress as a climber.

Cost: $395 for the 2 day course.

This is a low ratio course that is limited to no more than 4 participants with 1 guide. We operate in areas that have a lot of climbing and space and few visitors so we can do our best to keep our distance from others and provide a safe venue for our courses.

Register online, email or call 970-319-0656

Gear Included – Ice climbing tools, crampons, boots, helmet and harness are included in the price of the course. You’re also welcome to use your own gear as long as it’s modern and in good condition.

Rock and Ice Climbing – Guiding and Instruction