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The Skinny Chimney on the Lemon Squeezer canyoneering adventure in Colorado National Monument

Canyoneering incorporates climbing, chimneying, hiking, scrambling and rappelling to make for a unique and rewarding adventure that is fun for a wide range of ages and abilities. A perfect half day adventure that can be incorporated into more extensive rappelling or time rock climbing.

Multiple options exist but one of our favorites is the Lemon Squeezer, located in Colorado National Monument.

In the Moab area we have many favorites such as Granary Canyon and Ephedra’s Grotto.

Ratio: 6:1, over 6 requires a second guide


Full day = $350 for 1-2 people, $75 for each additional person

Half day = $250 for 1-2 people, $50 for each additional person

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